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Ensure the Function of Your System with a Backflow Preventer Inspection

Not only is it a good idea to ensure your backflow prevention system is operating correctly to stop contamination from entering the municipal water system, but it is also mandated by law. The city and state require homeowners and businesses to have a backflow preventer inspection annually.

As a company, ABP is licensed and registered with Texas to conduct all the required and specific inspections. During an inspection, we use the proper equipment to assess the assembly and record all the readings. This information, which includes the serial number, size, make and model of the unit, along with the inspection results, are then transferred to the city.

Finding and Fixing Problems

Backflow valve testing is not only required; it's a good idea. This is an effective way to find potential problems in the preventer before they occur while also staying within guidelines required by the city and state. If during the testing the preventer is found to be faulty, then it must be repaired. Depending on city requirements it generally has to be repaired anywhere from 10 to 30 days. The quality, honest work we provide, plus the focus on water quality mandated by the city add up to drinking water that is safe for all. Contact us for a price quote for your home or business, which varies depending on the city.

Plumbing Valve

This is a 4" Ames Colt 300 DCDA that we tested in McKinney per our customer's request.