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Backflow Preventer Installation that is Prompt and Reliable

Some units are beyond repair, or it is just too expensive to fix them, or maybe you are building a new property. In those cases, we are ready to handle the backflow preventer installation you need. We always make sure the required plumbing permit is in place before starting the work to keep in line with codes and regulations. Permits are required on all replacements and installations.

Keeping the Customer in Mind

As the work is underway your water supply must be shut off, and we do our best to work with you to schedule it for the lowest impact on your daily routine. It is important for us to respect your time. That's why we make sure as much preparation work as possible is done ahead of time before the water is turned off and we also tell you when to expect it to be turned on. Once our work is done a plumbing inspection is required, and at ABP we are confident that all our work will stand up to scrutiny. Reach out to us when you need backflow unit replacement or a new installation.

Plumbing Valve Plumbing Valves

This is a 3" Watts 957 RP Backflow Preventer that we, American Backflow and Plumbing, installed to replace a 3" Watts 009. This is for a domestic main water, and the materials were purchased from MacArthur Gauge in Euless, TX. The stainless steel spool piece that was manufactured by Watts is only 1 7/8" in length — which worked great in this installation.